Friday, January 23, 2009

Prairie Schooler from Cyndi

This week I received a cute little "spring themed" magnet from
Cyndi for the Year Long PS exchange. It used to be one of their
mini freebie charts. Thanks Cyndi, I love it! It went right on my
fridge the minute I opened it!
Oh how I long for Spring and warm weather. I'm sick of these frigid
New England winters. Where the temp dips down into the single
digits, or even sometimes below 0. We had a heat wave today-LOL,
it was a whopping 38*degrees!
Stay tuned, I am waiting for a certain someone to receive their Lizzie
kate exchange and then I can post it! Till then, thanks for stopping by!


Carolyn said...

What an adorable magnet! I just love PS, and this is such a clever finish! Congratulations on a great exchange. :)

Siobhan said...

What a cool magnet! I enjoyed looking through your blog--love the ornaments and other stitching!

staci said...

That is a Darling it!