Thursday, July 24, 2008

Exchange received!!!

I'm still a little behind in posts (about a month to be
exact). Back in June, I received my squares for F&S
round #7 from Lisa V. She found out that I like tea &
that I love the color purple and stitched me these.
So pretty! Not sure who the designer is.
(Click on photo for a close up).

This is the whole exchange she sent all together-
including all my wonderful goodies. Thanks again Lisa.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Teacher's gift

This is the only teacher gift I had time to
make. It was made for DD's (McKenna)
teacher for the end of the year. I wanted to
do something special since I knew this
teacher was being let go-due to budget cuts.
Not to mention, out of all the teachers that
my 3 children have had-she was my favorite.
She will be missed!

Lizzie Kate's-Teaching is a work of heart
Stitched on 14 ct. fiddler's aida (I ran out
of linen & only had a few days to stitch this).
Finished into a pillow. I added a ribbon bow
and then an apple button on top.

Thanks for all your wonderful comments!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Freebie exchange!!

Here's what I got from Nic W. for the HOE freebie exchange.
She stitched for me not one, but two things. A scissor fob with
my name stitched on the back & a butterfly charm. I also got this
cute little pillow/pincushion. She stitched the same design, but
the fob is stitched over 1 thread. The pillow will soon have a
permanent home in my basket of smalls, which will be kept on
my sofa table in my living room.

Design-Lizzie Kate (freebie)

Here is a pic of the whole exchange she sent me. Beads, rayon
floss, a button, felt and some body wash and lotion from Avon.
Thanks for a great first HOE exchange Nic.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stash shopping!!

Oh was I a bad girl!! Back at the beginning of June, I went
to my not so LNS with my stithin friend down the street.
I don't go there very often since it's a 40 minute drive. So
with the gas prices being what they are, I figured I'd make
it worth my while. I won't tell you what I spent. Here's what
I got! Can you tell it had been awhile since I had gone?!
I did manage to get 10% off my whole order. Thank goodness
she has a frequent buyer program!

I just couldn't resist-I wanted one of everything!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My first floss ring tag!

Thanks to Staci's wonderful tutorial, I made my first floss
ring tag (awhile back). I had seen so many neat ones made
by her on her blog that I just had to make one myself.
Thanks for the inspiration Staci!!
I made it for Jen R., for the HOE freebie exchange.

Design-Trail Creek Farm
fabric-hand dyed by me (28 ct monaco)

These are the other items I sent to her. The pansies
pincushion is handmade by me. I also included some
buttons (not pictured).

I can't wait to make one for myself & my stitchin friend
who lives down the street.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm back!!!

I am a very, very bad blogger-I know! I thought once
summer got here things would slow down a bit. What
was I thinking?! i have 3 kids home all day. I don't have
any time to myself. But I do promise to post a lot more
often. I have tons of pic's to share. the first is the gift I
made my Mom for Mother's Day. I took a plain black
sweatshirt and turned it into a cardigan. Added some
Laurel Birch patches. I made the binding by hand with
a matching LB fabric. She loved it! I plan on selling these
types of sweatshirts at craft fairs in the fall.

Here's the back.

-Until next time!!